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Breed for Quality

Dick Wrote
(May 13,2012)

“Peggy and Paul demonstrate the highest level of concern for the dogs they breed and raise. They consistently show that they are concerned with the quality and well being of the dogs. Puppies are carefully monitored and receive the highest level of professional supervision and care from a vet. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Mary Wrote
(May 03,2012)

“Hi everyone!

Oh! Oh! Today I did something real special. Mom introduced me to the swimming pool. She set me on the first step. I gave her the look. The one that says “OK, I like water, but this is ridiculous!” Then she splashed water on my back and head. It was nice because it was so hot outside. Then she put me in the pool about three feet away from the stairs and I SWAM! Yea me Navi, I went swimming for the first time. I swam to the stairs and stepped out of the pool to dry land. It was GREAT!!! Chey stood there looking at me like I was crazy. She wouldn’t even come close to the pool. Mom says she doesn’t like the water or swimming. But then she doesn’t like baths either. Though I must say Chey has put up a good showing in my honor. I think she doesn’t want me to be afraid of anything Mom might do to train me. She’s kind of brave now when she gets her baths, and she is always there looking over me and whatever Mom is doing to me. She has turned out to be a really great big sister.

Golly there are lots of things to learn. Between sitting, coming, swimming, grooming, hand shaking, welcoming Dad home from work, not peeing or pooping on the floor, it’s amazing that I ever have time to nap! Speaking of which, I think it’s time for me to do just that. Nap time!!! Bye, bye.

Love Navi
(Kisses & hugs)

PS. Give my Mommy a kiss from me too! Thanks.”

Nancy Wrote
(May 01,2012)

“Hi , I am going to get lucy spayed thursday. She will be 6 month on friday. They are going to do it (indexscopace ) with out cut or stiches. I think its with a scope or micro thing. i am having a chip put in too. She is getting tall. 10-11″ but danty looking. She is sooo cute!”