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Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

Breed for Quality

I am often asked what is a good breed of dog for me and my family if we suffer from allergies and asthma. My husband and I also suffer from allergies and asthma so I thought this was a great page to add to my site.
There are several breeds out there that are also recommended for people that suffer allergies. This list offers a lot of variety in type, coat, color, personality and looks. Remember though, just because a breed is on this list does NOT mean that it may not still bother your allergies or asthma.
The breeds are:
American hairless – This breed originated from the rat terrier. Still rare, only recognized by the UKC and not yet by the AKC, this is a wonderful breed that requires little grooming, however they do tend to get cold as they have no hair.
Bedlington Terrier – they are a very low shed dog.
Bichon Frise – they are a no shed dog. They do however require constant grooming.

Chinese Crested – this breed has 2 varities. The hairless and the powder puff. This dog does not shed. The hairless version does still have a bit of hair on the top of the head and the tail and the legs. They will also tend to get cold as they have no coat to keep them warm. The powderpuff version will require more grooming ofcourse than the hairless version.
Irish-Water Spaniel – this is a non-shedding breed and does require grooming.
Kerry Blue Terrier – this is a low shed breed but does require frequent grooming.
Maltese – this is a non-shedding breed but does require frequent grooming.
Poodle – this is a non-shedding breed but requires a LOT of grooming.
Portuguese Water Dog – This breed is believed to be the origin of the poodle breed. It is also non-shedding but does require grooming.
Schauzer – this is a low-shedding breed but also requires frequent grooming.
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – this is a low-shedding breed this breed too requires grooming.
Xoloitzcuintli or Mexican hairless – This breed also comes in two varieties both coated and hairless and in 3 different sizes. Obviously the coated varitiey will need more grooming than the hairless.
NOTE: It is a dogs undercoat that produces the shedding hair and dander. Please remember that most non-shedding breeds will require grooming as it is the brushing out and clipping of the coat that removes or effectively “sheds” the undercoat and rids the dog of dander.
It is usually the dander that the dog produces and not the hair that causes allergic reactions to dogs.